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Viktoria Frost


Hi, I’m Viktoria.

I was born and raised in Slovakia, but have lived in Vienna and London before finally settling down in Braintree, Essex with my family.

Before moving to the UK, I used to run my own fashion photography business which saw me travelling between Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. I moved to the UK in 2013 because I wanted to learn English, and I thought I would continue in the photography arena, but it was incredibly difficult starting again from scratch. I started working in retail and later on I moved to more corporate role.

I met my husband in 2014, and we have two beautiful children together. Before my husband and I expanded our family, we enjoyed going on holidays. Our favourite holiday destination being the USA. Since having children, our choice of holiday and activities has changed. I have spent the last four years off work looking after the children, but now that they are at school, and soon to start nursery, its time for me to get back to work. This time off has given me ample opportunity to consider what I would like to do with my career, and I can honestly say that the happiest that my family are together is probably when we’re on holiday.

My family and I absolutely love cruising, we have been on several cruises and we also enjoy family holidays filled with lots of activities. Sadly, we cannot spend all year on holiday but what better way to spend the rest of the year by helping others plan and book their dream holidays.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Viktoria xoxo

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